Kawader Team    
    Head Of Directors
  Mr. Abdul Hakeem Marghalani
CEO & Founder President
Eng. Raid Abdul H. Marghalani
Deputy Director
1 Majoring in mechanical engineering (automotive) and worked as a teacher of industrial institutes secondary.  
2 Imitate the first responsibility of management, including the Deputy Director of the Vocational Training Center in Taif and director of the Center on behalf of, and has great efforts in establishing and opening Technical Institute (vocational training center in Taif).  
3 After Vocational Inst, he was assigned to an agent of the financial and administrative they choose industrial secondary institute in Taif and director of the Institute.  
4 Then assigned as the Director of Financial and Administrative deptt of Technical College and the Board of Education in Taif.  
5 He was sent to West Germany 3 times and got several different technical courses in the number of factories and companies in West Germany (Mercedes, Volkswagen, Bosch).  
6 He pursued Development managers course on bilateral training in West Germany.  
7 Won several training courses within the Kingdom (institutes cycle managers - several training sessions at the Institute of Administration in Jeddah)..  
8 Effective expertise in the manufacture of spare parts, import and export, and logistical support.  
9 Pursued several courses and sessions on Human Resource, Marketting & Sales etc topics.  
10 Requested early retirement on 01/02/1428 AH, after 33 years of service in the state.  
11 Emptied management cadres companies and Dolmen companies.  
1 BSc. Degree of Mechanical Aeronautical Engineering have Charted Associate Engineer degree (204101) from Saudi Council of Engineers (from King Abdulaziz University).  
2 Innovative and disciplined Professional Engineering Manager with over 15 years experience having several awards in the inventions filed.  
3 Intensive experience in senior management, Experinced in Systems & Safety Engineering and 4th generation military fast jet (Typhoon) Fleet Management Technical role.  
4 Performance Management - Change Management - Leadership Development - Negotiating Skills  
5 TRIZ professional for creative problem solving & Patents & Invention advisor.  
6 Professional with PC Software, Hardware and Programming.
Familiar with CAD, Math, Mechanical and Simulation Engineering Software.
Design electronic circuit, program and robotics systems.
Automotive service professional.
7 [2007 Dec 01 – 2009 Jan 15] Assistant Manager Technical Service Support Engineer, (Industrial Lubricants Specialist), Alhamrani Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia Ltd.  
8 [2006] Gold Medallist in the Fifth Saudi Inventors Exhibition from King Abdulaziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity.  
9 [2005] 3rd Rank and [2004] 1st Rank Mawhiba Prize for Scientific Innovation from King Abdulaziz His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity  
10 [2004] 2nd Rank in the Fifth Scientific Exhibition of Cultures, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)  
11 [6th 2005]2nd Rank & [5th 2003]3rd Rank in the Scientific Exhibition of Saudi Arabian Youth Welfare.  
12 [2006] 3rd Rank, [2005] 1st Rank, [2003] 1st Rank and [2002] 2nd Rank in the Annual Scientific Invention Competition, King Abdulaziz University.  
Eng. Mujahid Abdul hakeem Marghalani
Deputy Director
Eng. Moaj Abdul Hakeem Marghalani
Deputy Director
1 Nominated for an executive doctorate in business administration and projects - Qrnopl University of Grenoble, France.  
2 Master's degree in financial management from CB AT CBA League appreciated 4.1 out of 5.  
3 Bachelor's degree in architecture from the King Abdulaziz University KAU estimate of 4.2 out of 5.  
4 Received numerous courses in Finance, Sales & Marketting Management, Human Resource and intensive course in Legal Drafting also.  
5 Effective expertise in the manufacture of spare parts, import and export, and logistical support.  
6 Member of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the gifted program for several years from the first year of the establishment.  
7 Member + administrative supervisor in the Saudi Science Club.  
8 Action in the management of Jeddah job sites engineer.  
9 In supervising the work of re-planning of the historic district of Jeddah committee member.  
10 A member of the Saudi Council of Engineers Saudis.  
11 He holds an associate's degree from the Saudi Council of Engineers Engineer.  
12 Got variouscertificates in the field of development, programming and computer programs.  
1 Supervised Engineer at King Abdullah project for The Expansion of the Haram al-Sharif.  
2 Supervised Analysis Engineer at Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (The rating contractor's Agency).  
3 Supervising finicial reports for Kawader Group alongwith Site management.  
4 Aquired various courses in Occupational Safety & Health Specialist, Energy Program, Ergonomics, Drying Shrinkage of Concrete etc.  
5 Attended sessions for IOSH, ISO, TOFL etc.  
6 Rewarded for Project Management Professional, Associate Engineer from Saudi Council of Engineers.  
7 A person with zeast & zeal to perform the excels with team.  
8 Taking care of various supervising needs of Group including technical , financial and managerial decisions.  
      Kawader Management Heads Team
Mahil Abdulraziq Ziada
Administrative Manager
Babar Nadim Siddiqui
Accounts Manager
Adeel Ahmed
Manager- Customer Care & Services
S. Khan
Manager- IT & Technical Services
  Kawader Sales & Marketing Heads Team

Abdullah Eida Radad Alghurashu
Manager- Marketing -Mecca Zone

Bilal Aurangzeb
Manager- Marketing -Taif Zone
Mohammed Abdullhay Almarghany
Manager -Sales
Mohammed Mujahid
Manager-Marketing -Eastern Zone
    Kawader Technical Heads Team
Ramon Deverla Villarico
TeamHead- Under Chasis Section
Mustaque Ansari
TeamHead-Differential Eng Section
Prabhakar Kotian
TeamHead Engine Section
Hasmatullah Khan
TeamHead Auto-Electrical Section
Shaik Khursheed
Specialist Engine Maintenance
Specialist Under Chasis
Specialist Brake Systems
Specialist Auto Electricals
  Kawader Construction Company-Head Team
AbdulGhader Hazaa Sultan Abdo
Sales Govt. Contrct. Services
AzharIqbal Chaudhry
Manager- Construction Services
Shakeel Ahmed
Head Supervisor Labor Dept.
Sher Mohammed
Head Supervisor Supply Management
Adeeb Ahmed
Head Supervisor Shift Management
Saddam Mohammed Abdo
Head Supervisor Equipment Supply

Afeef Ali Saad A. Hadwani
Asst. Supervisor Labor Dept.

Mohammed Immran
Supervisor Electricity Management
Arshad Mohammed
Asst. Supervisor Shift Management
Supervisor- Transport
Supervisor- Transport