"Industry choice to diversify sources of income.
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques initiative and opinion in the industry. "
     Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz
      There is no doubt that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a stable and economically assume leadership of Arab and Islamic countries, thanks  to  God  Almighty and  has the potential  of  powerful  and ingredient self and God-given and for the people originated in the territory such as oil, the backbone of industry and energy in the modern world.. and culminated in the state led by the wise noble qualities keen on its people and its territory and supports all good projects, labor, industry, agriculture, and various professions .. plus side of qualified and trained personnel, which did not hesitate to state support for the development of general and technical education and graduate all sectors and institutions.

        About the Foundation  

  United KAWADER working in the mechanical systems and the manufacture of spare parts and maintenance, operation, and import and export and development of systems and facilities. Foundation work began at the hands of its founder, when he was to go to the opening of the Center for the maintenance of a modest car maintenance since more than (thirty-year 1398) and the unbridled desire and determination in continuing to provide a center of excellence supported by the study and specialization in the field of the automotive world.

   Where the founder was a professor at the Institute of Industrial Vocational Taif - automotive division and has been the opening of the service center and the exclusive franchise and then bring and import the latest equipment vehicle inspection of the German Bosch Company and attracting and supervision of German experts working in the technical field technical cooperation between Saudi Arabia and West Germany, where it was not known does not exist for these devices in most cities of the Kingdom, only some agents such as existing German cars (Juffali) at the time.

   And keep pace with global technological development in these areas has been the opening of the first specialized center and large capacity and modern equipment and exclusive and the highest techniques and equipment and spare parts in the name of the city of Taif (cadres) and that on 08/10/1421 H corresponding to 16/11/2000 AD.


  About The Founder

   The behind the success of any company there is a team of leaders and managers with experience, knowledge and science; and this has been our concern in the United Kawader to attract and train at the highest levels since the first moment of the founding of the institution .. and that our belief in the importance of the management team's strong terms 'that management skill is the key factor in success of the organization and the success of the system, though the Developer Management System that we use is the secret of our success. It was the administration in every stage of growth and, The Team work is the engine for the planned work and team leading.. to achieve the GOAL. The clarity and strength of ambition and vision and goals is to inspire the team towards the road to success. 

     The administrative team who rely on it consisting of a group of administrators and engineers with the highest levels of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United States, the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom of Britain and France.
     To be pioneers in the manufacture of spare parts and provide mechanical maintenance distinct government and private sectors.
We in the United Kawader working to enable the government sectors and individuals, companies and institutions of the community to get the maintenance, mechanical professionals and specialized products alongwith spare parts with high quality services.
  Values & Principles
     Keep in mind the state's plans for the development of R & D and industry outlet seriousness of full support for all the premium sectors and benefit from the experience of the cadres of Saudi Arabia, where it is one of the important factors that we would be able to keep pace with the overall development in all sectors, God willing. Placed cadres set of values and principles in mind and began to achieve to reach the best results in the quickest and least cost:

  • Cadres rely on touch the market need for original parts with high quality and contribute to the elimination of the pieces coated shoddy and that promoters claim that it is genuine.

  • Keep up with cutting edge technology from around the world and provides science and knowledge.

  • The use of the best materials and follow-up development in the industry, materials and equipment.

  • Compliance with the standards and conditions of the global codes. With the development of the private all standard CODE company.

  • Rely on administrators, engineers and technicians with experience and study.

  • Work on the process upscale and well thought out plans for a firm scientific frameworks.
  • Try to invent ways of reducing cost always without compromising the standard of quality. Try to save costing in operational use of energy or productivity.

  • Respect the surrounding environment.

  • We seek to provide all the required safety standards for all the users and the elements of the project in all stages of the work, and also that we provide our multi Calanzma protect the security, surveillance, fire-fighting systems and remote control systems.

  • We believe the importance of the continued development and training the staff to keep up the pace with what is new in the industry and world thus we adopt the method of self-development and development in all areas of cadres.

  • We choose very carefully the members of the working group of administration and engineers. They maintain a high degree of expertise and efficiency to qualify. Therefore, as an institution to gain the confidence of the client together.

  • Our belief in the need to develop and take advantage of what the others arrived, we seek to attract specialists and experts and take advantage of them in the development of our plans, our vision, our team, our products and services.

  • Proceeding of the importance of work and specialized scientific expertise we In collaboration with university professors and local & international research centers for information and proven trieds alongwith modern activities of the company and therefore the exchange of experiences and knowledge of science.
  Goals with TeamWork
  •    The development of the concept production and maintenance industries in Saudi Arabia.. to become a part of manufacturing and producing countries in the world.

  • Implement the services of the highest quality and the latest technology and the best possible cost.

  • recruitment of cadres Arabia specialized technical expertise of acclaimed civilian and military leaderships of destinations and where they worked.

  • Provide industry products and a high degree of quality at the best possible cost.

  • Transform our client requirements into final product in the minutest details.

  • Provide field training for students of technical and industrial technical institutes and colleges and universities to transfer our expertise to them to contribute to the performance of our message about the Saudi society.

  • We in the United Kawader working to increase efficiency in the industry, products and services and to raise awareness and dissemination of knowledge in order to assist in advancing the progress properly and non-random.

     To produce and develop in the field of spare parts with high quality, secure specifications and the best technology at the cheapest costing to the growing lifestyle of private and public world of Saudi society and provide accurate maintenance to government sectors at the hands of the best selection of Saudi Arabia technical staff w.i. specialized in the industry.
The Opening Ceremony
   Center was equipped with the latest hardware scan your computer and programmable auto .. The cadres of the United first been imported and enter scanners advanced imported from America and Germany .. where were not available at all, only in some agencies, major car exclusively (Toyota - AAC - Company Balbaid ) in addition to providing center cadres qualified and trained professional and outstanding expertise and specialization.

   The opening was graced by the presence of HE on His Excellency the Governor of Taif (The Honorable \ Fahd bin Abdulaziz bin Muammar may Allah protect him).

     To built our motivation many of the men and sheikhs and notables and dignitaries of Taif, Saudi Arabia had attended the Grand Opening Ceremony at United Kawader, Taif Center.

    List Of Our Important Gusets & Their Testimonials  

  Song cherish and we are proud of those responsible for the opinions of "The United KAWADER"


His Excellency The Governor of Taif Mr. Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz.

His Excellency The President of Taif Municiple Engineer Mohammed bin Abdulrehman

  The Director General of Police Taif - Major General \ Mohsen Manna Samiri.

  The Director General of Civil Defense in Taif - Dean \ Saad Said Al-Harthy.

His Excellency the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Excellency the President of the French consulate in Saudi Arabia.


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